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A Conversation: STEPHEN GALLUP (Writer)

A Conversation: STEPHEN GALLUP (Writer)

In today’s conversation, we talk with STEPHEN GALLUP author of the book What About the Boy?, a true story about relationships and health within a family helping their developmentally disabled child. He has also adapted his book into a screenplay for Chesapeake Films. 

Stephen shares with us the struggles of being the father of their developmentally disable child, the writing process, the loss of…

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What Do Stories Mean To You? - STEPHEN GALLUP (Fatherspledge)

What Do Stories Mean To You? – STEPHEN GALLUP (Fatherspledge)

In today’s new guest blog post of our weekly series “What Do Stories Mean To You?” we have a beautiful story from STEPHEN GALLUP from Stephen has been working on a screenplay adaptation of his memoir, What About the Boy?, for Chesapeake Films.

Here he is, Stephen Gallup.


They say exposure to art can change your life. If change means a…

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A Conversation: ANTHONY BERNARD (Editor)

A Conversation: ANTHONY BERNARD (Editor)

Almost three years ago, I received an email from someone in Burbank responding to an ad I had put online searching for an editor to begin work on our first documentary, One Man’s Journey to Truth. The editor we had to de-commit from the project, and I began the search to replace him. It was not easy.   We needed to find the right person. Someone who could take a delicate and complex subject and…

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The Liebster Award…

The Liebster Award…

Oh my! This I was not expecting…THANK YOU Gracie of the amazing blog Elfypie for nominating me for the Liebster Awards. Her blog, unlike many out there, is genuine. It is real. And it is about her life in all its forms. I enjoy reading it every week.


OK, so, the award consists of 11 questions…Here are my answers, and please keep reading as I will unveil my 11 nominations and questions!


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Guest Blogging Series - Schedule Update

Guest Blogging Series – Schedule Update

Time is almost here. Our new Guest Blogging Series: What Do Stories Mean To You? is about to launch.

On Friday, September 5th, 2014 (a week from today) we will open the floor. The response to our series has been sensational. I am so honored that so many people have been willing to share their story with us and help develop this community further, where we can share our stories and show how…

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Oh Captain My Captain

Oh Captain My Captain

Today begun as a normal day. Woke up early, worked on the website, checked e-mail, have breakfast, got kids ready. Same daily routine. I posted about our new Guest Blogging Series – What Do Stories Mean to You that will begin in September, and made a few phone calls. And then around 3:30pm/3:45pm on the West Coast, it all changed when I walked into the gym’s locker room and CNN was on.


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What Do Stories Mean to You? A Guest Blogging Series

What Do Stories Mean to You? A Guest Blogging Series

On September 5th, 2014 we are launching a new weekly series of guest posts on our blog titled “What Do Stories Mean to You?”

We are looking for amazing posts about how stories have affected and continue to affect you all in some way. It could be a movie reminding you of your childhood or how a song brings back memories of your first kiss or how a particular book has inspired you or made you…

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Is Enough Ever Enough - Part III

Is Enough Ever Enough – Part III

The beauty of doing a documentary, especially one about someone who is currently alive, is the unexpected. The beauty is to have to be on the alert at all times for new and surprising things to develop.

Usually these things occur either when filming, in post production when you are putting the film together, or when a new event/development occurs and you have to decide if it is important to cover…

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